Reiki ; “Spiritually guided life force energy”

“Incredibly Talented, Passionate and Dedicated to her work. I highly recommend a session with Thalia!!” ~Jess 2018


Reiki treatment

Reiki is a an ancient Japanese healing art meaning 'Spiritually guided life force energy'. This light touch energy work technique is used to promote healing, relaxation and reduces stress. It treats the person as a whole, body, emotions, mind & spirit, inducing a deep sense of peace, tranquility and well being.

Thalia’s unique approach combines channeled guidance and messages as they are transmitted to her. This depends on your level of openness and receptivity. The more open you are, the deeper the work. This may enable you to gain a broader perspective, better understanding of relevant issues, emotional blockages, and receive divine guidance & blessings.

Sessions may be combined with sound healing & tuning fork therapy which assist in the releasing of emotions, subconscious tensions and reduces physical pain, taking you into a deep state of relaxation & serenity. The powerful frequencies of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, rattles, chimes, chakra drum & other celestial instruments will allow for inner exploration and connection with source.


Reiki INITIATION ; awaken your inner healer

An“attunement” is given, where the Reiki energies are channeled to the student from the Reiki Master-Teacher. Learn self-healing methods and how to treat others through this powerful light touch energy work technique.

Levels 1- 2 - 3 attunements

Groups or one on one possible