Holistic Massage

A holistic approach is defined as treating a person as a whole, acknowledging the connection between heart, mind & body. As each individual is a unique expression and manifestation of the divine, each session requires a unique approach. Through Thalia’s refined ability to sense and feel the subtle worlds, your session will be personalized to assist you with what is needed in the moment. Thalia offers an intuitive touch combined with various techniques from ancient India, Asia, Shamanism, channeled guidance and the healing power of sound & resonance to guide you on the journey. Whether you are seeking a more energy based session, vibrational sound therapy or therapeutic massage & bodywork, the session is adapted to your desired needs.

Thalia, so so much gratitude for the work you do! Thank you for the incredible session of healing mind, body & soul. You’re touch is exceptional, filled with light and body wisdom and your ability to intuitively find your way into all the places holding on too tight is definitely divinely guided. Thank you equally for your shamanic services. You know your way around the ethers, as any deep diving priestess should. Thank you for helping me remove all the little energetic blockages snagging at my field. Your sanctuary is beautiful and nurturing just like you. You are amazing!!! So grateful for your gifts, please keep on sharing with the world.
— Jessica 2017

Through years of practice & discovery, this approach is an intuitive flow of various modalities, therapeutic & energetic, which envelop your being on all levels of body-mind-spirit. Helping you attain a clearer mind, a deep sense of calm & relaxation, the art of presence and intention assist in reconnecting the heart & mind, essential to live a balanced and harmonious life.


  • Induces deep relaxation and letting go

  • Releases stress

  • Helps to release physical and mental tensions

  • Promotes mental and spiritual clarity

  • Promotes reconnection with oneself

  • Stimulates transformation

  • Facilitates rejuvenation of body-mind-spirit

  • Inspires harmony and inner peace

  • Receive channeled messages & guidance to assist you on your path


holistic massage