What is Tantra ?

TAN means “to expand”, TRA means “to liberate”.

Tantra in Sanskrit means “to weave or expand”; weaving the divine experience into the body. Tantra embraces all life and the manifested world fully, celebrating the duality of light and dark, positive and negative, feminine and masculine, spirit and matter. Tantra is a vast comprehensive spiritual system based on the science of energy, the worship of Shakti, the divine feminine, and Shiva the supreme consciousness. According to ancient Tantrics, Tantra is a path to liberation achieved through direct experience. A spiritual path here to help us surpass our limitations, reach higher states of consciousness, and ultimately, lead us towards self-realization.

Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have build against it.
— Rumi

What is Tantra Massage ?

Tantra massage is a healing & spiritual form of bodywork rooted in Ayurveda massage (an ancient healing system from India), combined with authentic energetic Tantric principles. This modernized modality is a form of complementary or alternative medicine which has the the ability to reach and release subconscious blockages, harmonize traumas, and bring our shadow to light for healing.

Tantra is one of the few spiritual paths which actively studies sexuality, and recognizes the potent healing power of sexual energy. When a practitioner utilizes this energy in a specific way, it can enhance one’s health, catalyze healing and even create orgasmic effects in the person. Overall, tantra massage can help you attain a happier and more harmonious life.

Common misconceptions :

Tantra massage is not a sexual service nor is it explicit or erotic in any way. This is not for those seeking to fulfill any sexual fantasy or desire. This is a healing and restorative modality meant to help one release blockages, and bring about positive and uplifting effects in a soulful way.

What to expect ?

Through Tantra massage a woman can learn to access her vast orgasmic potential through full body orgasm, embracing her feminine power, reconnecting to her sexuality & tapping into her life force. Similarly, a man can learn to access high states of pleasure & orgasm without ejaculation. In tantra there is no ejaculation for men as the aim is to cultivate sexual energy within, rather than the elimination of the seed. Through this inner cultivation, a man can learn to control his sexual energy, maintain an erection for as long as desired and have deeper more fulfilling orgasms. Before reaching such levels in a session, there may be blockages to clear along the way, such as physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual blocks. These are often psychosomatic, related to past traumas, which Tantra massage has the potential to clear, heal & harmonize.

Many women and men reported to have experienced a sense of true bliss, deep inner peace and harmony after our sessions.


Session :

  1. Connection through breath & short meditation between client & therapist.

  2. Application of sweet almond oil & essential oils (if desired) to the body. Massaging of the body with Ayurvedic techniques and various strokes using the hands, palms, forearms, and pressure to Marmas (subtle & sensitive energy points in the body), to awaken and circulate life force energy.

  3. Optional genital massage performed with deep respect and devotion. The human genitals are a storehouse of energy, when massaged can accelerate healing and transformation can occur. The Yoni, female genitals (in Sanskrit meaning “sacred space”) and Lingam, male genitals (meaning “wand of light”) are massaged, taking into consideration the comfort zone of the client.

Sexual energy is Source energy. It is the most potent energy available, with an incredible ability to heal, and it exists within you!
— Thalia
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Three years along my power path and I found myself sitting before a beautiful women who has had a life long journey slowly enabling her to refine her gifts as a Tantra Healer. As she sat there and explained what the massage would be like, I still could not imagine how I was going to feel or what sort of emotions would arises. Would I cry? Would I yell? Would I have to stop? Any thoughts seemed useless at that point, all that mattered to me was that I felt like I could trust the woman sitting in front of me. Only priestesses of the most high can be doing this type work successfully because it’s a delicate dance between body, mind, heart and spirit, one which requires the healer to be fine tuned to all levels of being. (…)This work is definitely a door way into reconnecting with the womb, your sexuality, integrating abandoned parts of the self, healing past traumatic experiences, and embracing your feminine powers and life force. I felt safe and honoured during the whole process and although I felt a little groggy the following 24 hours I felt as though I was finally tapping into something I had been trying to reconnect with my whole life. I highly recommend the art of tantra massage to any women feeling a disconnection from their womb, their sexuality and their personal power.

— Jessica 2018
I have met with Thalia twice (first for her Lomi Ke Ala Hoku session and most recently for her Tantric session).  Both were amazing experiences, well worth the 4 hour drive I must make to visit with this wonderful young woman.  I have years of experience with energy work in the martial arts and Chi Kung as well as my own practice with sound healing and Reiki and I have to say, Thalia’s energy and flow are phenomenal.   During our last session my body filled with energy to such a level as I have not felt before.  Many of the points she pressed were tender to the touch but as she continued to press I could feel a small explosion of energy and on several occasions feelings of true bliss.  As the energy built it was like watching a fireworks display building towards the finale except the fireworks were within me.  I wasn’t sure how it would end, but I truly was enjoying the experience.  Due to my personal situation I was expecting intense feeling of sadness to be released during the session, but to my surprise, I was filled with intense feelings of love, joy and contentment, which I still feel as I write this days after our session.  I highly recommend her.  She is a unique human being with a very special gift.  She is also a kind and gentle spirit. 
— Tim 2018 

The session duration is 2 hours, and the cost $250

(A $100 deposit is required to secure your appointment)