What is Tantra Yoga?

Tantra means “to weave or expand”, Yoga means “union”

Tantra Yoga is a meditative Hatha Yoga based system which focuses on developing the mind and works with both innate & universal energies. This authentic style of yoga reconnects us to the original meaning of what yoga is; a spiritual practice, thrusting us towards self-realization, ultimately uniting us with the divine consciousness. 

Discover Yoga in its most ancient form, combined with meditations to arouse and awaken your being to inner peace, increasing health, vitality and restoring balance & harmony in all areas of your life. Through a dedicated practice, Tantra Yoga has the ability to take you into states where deep bliss and a refined connection to self are cultivated.

In Tantra Yoga, our focus is not on the flexibility of our body, but rather, we hold the postures for a longer duration while focusing our mind & awareness on a specific chakra; subtle energy center, and the flow of energy throughout our being. It is well known in authentic branches of yoga that asanas, body positions, have secret meaning and mystical effects. By putting our bodies into specific positions, we emulate the science of sacred geometry.  This can both regulate and modulate the flow of energy within our human structure to intended and predetermined effects. Each yoga pose creates different effects on the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels, thus we can achieve healing effects by practicing a specific asana.

Yoga is a tool which helps us to develop body awareness, ultimately leading us towards mastery of the mind. Which ever your intention is for practicing yoga, you will gain exactly what is needed for you, as yoga is a practice of self-discovery.

Benefits you will gain:

  • Boost your energy & vitality

  • Strengthen your physical body, naturally

  • Experience emotional balance & inner harmony

  • Improve your self-confidence & willpower

It is recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothing for this practice. No prior experience in yoga needed. Beginners welcome!



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