Meet Thalia

Inspired by love & the healing arts, Thalia is an intuitive healer who channels the innate divinity, which in essence, is present in each one of us. A life devoted to personal transformation and the art of living in joy, her intimate relationship with spirit, along with worldly travels, have guided her to various discoveries in the realms of ancient healing arts, vedic sciences and the tantric path.

On her quest to heal herself, touch saved her life. This is where she discovered her gift and passion to share it with others. She has traveled and studied extensively in many countries including India, Brazil, Thailand, Europe, where she acquired certifications as a certified Massage Therapist, Tantric Healer & Yogini, Reiki Master-Teacher, and was blessed with initiation into Sacred Temple Bodywork. She also works with Vibrational Sound Healing and Bio-Energetics complementary to her bodywork and energy sessions.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
— Rumi

As a highly-sensitive soul, Thalia has learned to channel her sensitivity as a gift through her work, offering guidance & a luminous approach to healing. Her lively spirit, benevolent nature & joie-de-vivre act as a catalyst for transformation, weaving together body, mind, heart & soul. Her intention is to provide a safe & sacred space for you to release stress, anxiety, soothe physical pain and reconnect with yourself through touch & sound. May we spark collective healing as we embrace ourselves as part of the greater whole.

Sacred Sanctuary

Sacred Sanctuary was birthed through Thalia’s passion and higher calling to serve humanity, inspiring one’s reconnection to self, for the rising of our divine embodiment. She welcomes you to a nurturing Sanctuary to rejuvenate, re-source and replenish, guided through the art of touch & sound. Since the beginning of time, Temples were said to be “the dwelling place of the gods”. Temples were a devotional place where people went to connect with themselves, and ultimately, to the divine. This Holistic Temple offers you a range of healing modalities which aim to reach far beyond your physical body, to your very soul essence. As it is said, the journey is the destination. The more open you are to the experience, the deeper you will journey inwards, where heightened awareness & transformation may take place. A shift in consciousness can help you tap into your inner power, release what is not serving you, help you manifest your heart’s desires, and attune you to abundance consciousness where all possibilities exist. Remember, you are the creator of your magical reality!



My entire life has been an exploration through depths of shadow into the light, leading me here and now, offering me the ability to assist you on your path. It is thanks to my personal healing journey which began in 2012 that I have acquired the skills and ability to guide you on yours. I can only offer you first hand the tools & modalities that have changed my world and helped me access the truth & light I know exists within each of us.

  • Aithein Healing - 2014 - Ayurveda Intensive, India

  • Aithein Healing - 2014 - Marma Therapy, India

  • Shanti Reiki - 2015 - Reiki, India

  • IKRA - 2016 - Swedish Massage, Canada

  • IKRA - 2016 - Chair Massage, Canada

  • Sacred Sound Healings - 2016 - Sound healing, Canada

  • Sunshine Network - 2017 - Traditional Thai Massage, Thailand

  • Lomi Ke Ala Hoku (Sacred Temple Bodywork) - 2017 - Inititation, Canada

  • Somananda Tantra School - 2018 - Tantra Massage, Brazil

  • Healing with Tuning Forks - 2018 - Tuning fork Therapy, Canada

  • Somananda Tantra School - 2018 - Tantra Yoga Teacher Training, India

  • Source Resonance - 2019 - Sound and Resonance Healing, Costa Rica

  • Maya Abdominal Massage - 2019 - Guatemala


International retreats & collaborations

Looking for a certified Massage Therapist and Yoga teacher for your next retreat? Get in touch with your project! I also offer sound baths which pair up wonderfully with yin or restorative yoga classes. It is a pleasure to collaborate on projects with like minded individuals who share a vision to uplift humanity.

I also specialize in Tantra/Yoni massage for women. If you are leading a women’s retreat, this modality is a powerful addition to offer those who are ready to embark on a transformative healing journey.

I look forward to hearing from you!

With love & blessings,

Thalia De Vigne